Thanks so much for your interest in my Vision Voyage to Bali.

For the past five years, the beginning of the year has been a very special time for me to take time out and set my vision for not only the coming year, but my vision for my life.

People always ask me how I achieve so much, well, this is my little secret.

Getting a clear vision of what you want for your life is a thought provoking journey that takes time, space and sometimes a group of likeminded people to inspire you to think big.

I have created this Vision Voyage to help you find clarity. Bali is a wonderful place to do some soul searching, I have had several Vision Voyages here over the years, in fact I have travelled here over twenty times… I simply love it.

This is not your average retreat.

My vision for this adventure is that we have fun, we explore the country and ourselves, and we see the beautiful views of Bali and set an incredible vision for ourselves for 2020 and beyond. And of course, there will be time for massages, great food, lots of laughs, and spa treatments.

Our classroom will be mobile. We will be jumping on Bree’s Bali bus, a fully air-conditioned ride to see the sites of Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, Uluwatu, and staying in the slower paced yet blissful area of Sanur.

On the bus we will be having many deep discussions, and you will have time to gaze out the window at the sights whilst you think about what you will be writing in your very special Vision Workbook which is the cornerstone of this retreat.

We will be seeing many sites, and having lots of experiences that will make this a memorable start to your year, and setting a vision for your future that makes you feel excited, happy, clear and content.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation, we have the opportunity to include this in your fee (at about a 3rd of the price that you pay for it in Australia so see here for what TM is all about – Click Here.)

To see the full itinerary and to find out costings, we are taking expressions of interest until the 28th of September.

Dates for the retreat are:

13th of January   5pm – Welcome drinks

14th of January   10am-9pm – Day One

15th of January   9am-6pm – Day Two

16th of January   9am-9pm – Day Three

17th of January   11am-9pm – Farewell Dinner

There are only twenty spaces.

To be considered, please submit your short application now and one of my team will be in touch and we can discuss whether this retreat is a fit for both of us.