Small Business Owners


Firstly congratulations on your business, whether you have been in business a week, or fifty years, it’s not a journey many foray into. You are in good company here. I get you. I get the struggle, I get the exhilaration, I get the freedom, I get the confinement. It’s hard, but you love it at the same time. Some days it’s wishing you could be run over by a dump truck because it would hurt less, or you day dream about running off to a cheap exotic island to live the rest of your days and never be seen again. 

Others it’s like your wildest dreams coming true, you finally have the freedom to work and be paid to do something that you love, and that lights up your spirit. But it can be a very fine line between the two worlds some times. 

I’ve been a small business owner for over twenty years and I absolutely love the thrill of the rollercoaster ride that is Small Business. 

I’ve always been a been a business owner, long before I ever realised I was. From selling AVON at the age of 10, through to owning and operating one of the largest and most successful regional publishing companies in Australia, I’ve got a wild entrepreneurial spirit and I just love it.

I know the pleasure of small business, but I also know the pain and suffering that comes with the responsibility of growing a business.

There are many things I can help you with on my website. You can check out some of my business blogs, you can read my business book with my author buddy Andrew Griffiths, “Business Over Breakfast”, or if you’re not into reading, our “Business Over Breakfast Podcast” is also a great way to learn more about business.

I run some great workshops, online courses and presentations for business owners, if you’d like to know more, you can find the information HERE. I also do some workshops and presenting with other experts around the country like Andrew Griffiths, we nationally and internationally do presentations and workshops for authors, speakers, and business owners.

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Happy Days, Bree.