Firstly congratulations on being a parent, whether you are a new parent or you’re at the teenage years, being a parent is one of the most important jobs in the world. 

I’m a proud mum to two very energetic boys aged 7 & 9 and it is by far the hardest job on the planet to be a parent, it’s much easier to head off to work for the day!

I am a child of divorce, and a children’s entertainer, so even before I was a parent I had a real soft spot for parents from watching them at my shows and seeing the struggle they had, and also witnessing the struggles my parents endured. 

This lead me to start a parenting magazine eleven years ago even though I had never worked in advertising or written for a publication before, I have no degree in journalism or experience in the print industry- and to top it off, I wasn’t even a parent… 

I believe that parents have more influence than they realise in how the world is shaped. If parents are supported more and happier, the world would be very different. I want to empower parents to raise incredible kids. I’m not a parent that is super negative about parenthood, sure, I am real and I’ll tell it as it is, but I am more about every day parenting and how to grow as a person, and the little people you are raising. I also care strongly about the whole family, the mum, the dad, and the kids. 

This website is mostly about me, and my thoughts. There are some parenting articles on here, but I’d love you to join us at sign up to that site and this site if you like, check out Bree TV for some more inspiration too and of course, check out PakMag our parenting magazine here. We have loads of inspiring articles, prizes, laughs and positivity with loads of exciting things in store for parents in the future including a podcast and more- so if you want to keep up to date please sign up as a parent.

Happy Parenting, Bree.