Firstly congratulations on your business, whether you have been in business a week, or fifty years, it’s not a journey many foray into. Especially raising a business and a family – it’s nuts. 

You are in good company here. I get you. I get the struggle of juggling family life and business life. 

I know the impact it has on your relationship, living and working together and trying not to kill each other. 

I understand the constant internal battle of trying to be a great parent, but still follow your business dreams.

I’ve been a small business owner for over twenty years and I absolutely love the thrill of the rollercoaster ride that is small business. But I’ve also been a parent for nine of those years, and growing a family and a business is seriously one of the hardest lives a family can lead. The constant worry about money, the incessant concern about where time is being spent, the fights over who gets to sleep in, and the never ending feeling of putting yourself last all the time. Sometimes is really sucks.

But a lot of good comes from having the flexibility of a business, otherwise we wouldn’t put us through the hell that is Parentpreneurship.

You are a rare amazing individual and I see you mums and dads. I want to help you. 

There are many things I can help you with on my website. You can check out some of my business blogs, you can read my business book with my author buddy Andrew Griffiths, “Business Over Breakfast”, or if you’re not into reading, our “Business Over Breakfast Podcast” is also a great way to learn more about business. You can also check out my new website Parentpreneur coming soon, and there is a lot more coming with this business, so welcome to being one of my first to know about it. 

Welcome to my site, please sign up, I promise I won’t spam you, but I’d love to send you my monthly newsletter on all things small business and keep you up to date on my progress with helping Parentpreneurs. 

Happy Parentpreneuring, Bree.