As a publisher I’m used to working with the media and I understand just how frustrating some people can be when it comes to deadlines, commiting to interviews, supplying material and all of those other little things that can drive anyone in the media nuts. Rest assured I’m a professional and I will make your job easy.

I would love to be interviewed for your magazine or newspaper, appear on your podcast, tv show, radio show or provide articles for your website. As you can tell from my website, my areas of expertise are around inspirational business, parenthood and living the richest life you possibly can. 

I’m an author, a speaker and a passionate advocate for helping people to embrace the version of themselves that they possibly can.

You can also find videos and high resolution images here, which of course you are welcome to use.If you feel that I’m a good fit for your market, please drop me a line here and I will get back to you really soon.




Here is a quick ‘Pictograph’ to give you an idea of what I have accomplished.