5 Things I Think Would Be Different-If I Had A Willy…

March 8th is International Women’s day, a day where women celebrate around the globe about being a woman, celebrate our successes and achievements, and the world celebrates our importance on this planet. I think it’s a wonderful day and I am really looking forward to it. I grew up with a mother who is a feminist, and I often had to do the “man” type work around the house to help her as I was raised to believe a woman can do anything they set their mind to, and that I must never rely on a male. I guess that is a big reason as to why I have taken on a role in life that is unusual. I am the breadwinner, I am the business owner, and I am a woman that can do anything she sets her mind to including dirt bike riding and many other things that makes me a proud tomboy.

But the thing is, I am also a woman who doesn’t feel like she fits in with her own gender at times. I am also a woman that ponders how life would be if she in fact was a man. Now don’t freak out, I am very happy to be a woman, I am also someone that loves and admires men, most of my closest humans are men. But here are five things that I ponder that “if I had a willy” would things be different?

  1. Would I be judged for working hard?

If I had a willy, it would be expected and accepted that I work hard to provide for my family and make sacrifices to do so. Men who work hard to provide for their family are celebrated. Women who work hard for their family are admired, don’t get me wrong, but it is admiration with judgment that we are sacrificing part of our being as a woman. It’s funny, I often get two reactions from people after I hop off a stage from doing a keynote. First one is- “wow what you are doing is so inspiring, you’ve made me want to try harder”. Second one is- “it’s admirable what you are doing, but I wouldn’t want to be married to you”. I don’t think the latter would happen if I had a willy.

  1. Would I be judged for working out of town?

I’ve never witnessed a man being asked “So who has your kids?” when they travel for work. I have had many conversations with people asking me “how can I leave my family?!” I am sure that if I had a willy, that I wouldn’t be asked this question as it is socially acceptable for a male to travel for work, no one questions his love of his family if he is gone for a week.

  1. Would I ever be accused of sleeping my way to the top?

I think if I had a willy and slept my way to the top it would be celebrated, but that is besides the point I am making here. If a man is doing well, it’s because of merit. If a woman is doing well, it’s because she is a brown noser, a ball buster, or she does a lot of “sleeping” to get there. This is the most insulting accusation and completely diminishes a woman’s hard work. I’d prefer to be broke & homeless than use my body to get something from someone and I am sure that the majority of women would agree.

  1. Would I ever be hit on during a business meeting?

Once I had a meeting with a male over a beer in a busy bar, as that is unfortunately how business is often done in the afternoon and with males. This married male then asked me “so are we going to have sex now or what?” It was one of the most degrading moments as a business woman that I have received, and it made me realise that I have to be careful when meeting men for business. How crap is that to have to consider? If I had a willy, I wouldn’t have to give my safety a thought.

  1. Would I be personally judged so much?

From what we wear, to our weight, to how we look, women are constantly being judged on their physical appearance, and I’d like to extend that to basically their whole life. Yes, men do some of the judging, but I think a huge proportion of it is lead by women. Women are judgmental bitches and it needs to stop. We need to stop judging others for what they are doing, as what you see is often a reflection of what you need to work on. Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are. We also need to celebrate others more, don’t be jealous of what others have. All it says about you is that you think you deserve it more than that person and that is yucky!

Men, today I ask you to celebrate the women in your life. Thank you for supporting our crazy species that can go from being a sisterhood to survival of the fittest. We need you to be amazing men to support us strong women. And when you are working with a woman, think “if she had a willy would I behave this way?”.

Ladies, I beg you. I truly believe that women set the emotional tone for the world. So please. Stop being bitches. Stop being jealous. Stop judging. Stop competing and start being the best supportive sisterhood that we can be, and the world will change.

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