My name is Bree James. I help Small Business owners, Parents, and Parentpreneurs (the brave that do both), to be brave, to be bold and to be brilliant.

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Welcome to my website, I have lots of great content for business owners, parents and parentprenuers (the brave that do both). Here’s a little more about me….

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Some praise I have received.

  • "Having worked with Bree James on books, on events (in Australia and internationally), on passion projects that we hope will change the lives of millions of people and much more, I find it impossible to fully explain just what a remarkable person she is in a few short words. Bree's approach to life is incredibly empowering, she is a champion for those who need a champion and she has an exceptional brain that finds solutions in situations where others only see problems. Bree has become the person that I measure all others against."

    Andrew Griffiths. International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker.
  • "I attended an Author's Retreat in Bali where Bree James as one of the keynote speakers. I was previously aware of Bree as an Australian Magazine/ Media Publisher, however I had not seen her speak before. Bree is amazing. She is the content Queen on media; what publishers do and don't want; how to differentiate yourself in their eyes; how to generate endless ideas for content; and then how to manage that content. Bree has a lovely, open and generous style - she is warm and very funny. This is such a niche topic with so few experts - I would highly recommend Bree for your next event."

    Kate Christie, Founder and Managing Director Time Stylers and best-selling author of "Me Time".

Bree's Blog

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